AIDF Asia-Pacific: announced ‘Most Innovative Product’

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AIDF is a leading global event for NGOs, governments, intergovernmental organizations, aid agencies and the UN to meet in order to share best practices, debate key issues in the aid and international development sector, exhibit new technologies and services, and create new partnerships.

AIDF Asia-Pacific was held for the first time from 30-31 January in Bangkok and during these two days visitors were asked to vote on the ‘Best Stand’ and ‘Most Innovative Product’. was awarded winner of the 'Most Innovative Product'

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"SES Group Ltd won the Most Innovative Product award for which is a public-private partnership set up by the Luxembourg government to improve the preparedness and rapid response capacity of the humanitarian community. ...

... Winner, Alan Kuresevic, Vice President – Engineering of SES TechCom said “We are happy that we have showed that the combination of innovative products like satellites from SES, IT services from HITEC and ground inflatable antennas from GATR, creates an advanced and innovative service:, that provides even more value to the humanitarian community."

from left to right: Mr. Alan Kuresevic, Vice President in charge of engineering at SES TechCom, Mr. Marc Thill, Ambassador, Mrs. Nicole Bintner-Bakshian, Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission, Mrs Marianne Donven, Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator at the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr Brian Douglass of GATR Technologies participating at the panel ‘Moving Forward with Technology: Another Tool in the Toolbox?’

Information technology (IT) and telecommunications – vital to humanitarian emergency response – are characterised by their increasingly rapid pace of change. Is the IT emergency response community able to evolve and adapt as quickly as the sector in which it operates? At AIDF 2012, a panel of experts agreed seven key lessons for the IT emergency community in to advance and save more lives: spanning IT innovation, new technologies, resource-sharing, social media and user-education. In this session these topics will be addressed once again. Panellists will engage in open and candid about discussion what advancements have been made, as well as what still needs to be improved on within this essential sector of humanitarian response.

from left to right: Brent Carbno (Ericsson Response), Christopher Sivertz (Global VSAT Forum), Marianne Donven (MFA Luxembourg), Martin Kristensson (WFP), Isaac Kwamy (World Vision International), Patrick Gordon (OCHA)





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