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Partnerships | Jul. 22 2019

Let's Net 2019

Let's Net training aims at preparing humanitarian workers to respond more efficiently in emergencies by deploying, running and supporting the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) Data and Voice services.

Partnerships | Jan. 29 2019


From the 25th January to 29th January 2019, the EU MODEX, a European Union civil protection exercise, took place in Tinglev, Denmark.

Partnerships | Oct. 02 2018

Let's Comm Digital 2018

Let's Comm Digital is a five-day training course which is directed towards humanitarian workers, with a background in analogue VHF communications and specialized in ICT, who require expertise in the deployment of DMR Digital radio infrastructure.

Partnerships | Jul. 22 2018

ETC Plenary 2018

From the 15-17 May 2018, the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) Plenary meeting, which is an annual gathering of ETC partners to discuss ongoing operations, key strategic developments and initiatives within the humanitarian ICT sector and other pertinent issues relating to the cluster, took place in Luxembourg.

Partnerships | Jun. 22 2018

Let's Net 2018

Let's Net provides humanitarian ICT staff with the skills to deploy, manage and support Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) Data and Voice services during emergency operations.

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